Beauty And The Beast Look Book

March 21, 2017 2 Comments

Are you tired of your provincial life? Are you ready for adventure in the great wide somewhere? How about an adventure in the parks with some dapper looks inspired by Beauty And The Beast?

We've put together some stylish looks featuring fascinators from our Beauty And The Beast inspired collection that will have you twirling your way through Dapper Day at the parks this spring! (For details and shopping info for each look just click on the pictures.)

Dapper day disneybound inspiration pink and purple roses.

You just can't go wrong with roses this spring. They're everywhere! You have the Enchanted Rose from Beauty And The Beast and don't forget the famous Disneyland Roses! (Did you know these multi-color floribunda roses are found all over Disneyland? Read about them on the Disney Parks Blog.) This rose look is classic, feminine and perfect for Spring Dapper Day. It features our Pastel Roses FascinEar and a beautiful rose print dress that is perfectly complimented by pink and violet accessories. The half palm gloves really make it vintage-chic. They're my favorite part of the whole look besides the hat, of course!

Dapper day disneybound inspiration of belle with yellow dress.

This look is all about softness and beautiful hues. The red roses have been tuned down to a blushing pink and the yellows are sweet and delicate. So girly and fit for a princess! The Pastel Belle fascinator features watercolored satin, tulle and even more roses! Even the bracelet is rose gold. What else could be more appropriate?

dapper day disneybound belle yellow dress inspiration

There's been so much talk about Belle's yellow dress lately. Did you love the movie version? I did! And I tried to capture some of those elements in the new Belle Of The Ball Fascinator. It's been said before, but the yellow dress is so iconic. No other Disney Princess appears in yellow, it's Belle through and through! The centerpiece of this look is a strapless, yet regal dress in silk organza. Swoon! And the accessories are gold, gold, more gold and roses. I love the shoes and the replica necklace, but the book handbag is to die for. How could you not feel like royalty in an outfit like this?

dapper day disneybound inspiration be our guest

You can't say "Be Our Guest" without getting the song stuck in your head, it's the biggest number in the whole show so it really needed it's own Dapper Day look. Confession: this entire look was inspired by the Japanese flatware print fabric that I've been hoarding for forever! I've been waiting for the perfect excuse to use it on a hat and here it is! I love it. Gold, filigree and dainty accessories harken to an enchanted royal dining room with delicate china and ornate furnishings. And what about those shoes?!? A little out of my price range at $2,300, but a girl can dream.

Dapper day disneybound belle's blue dress inspiration

Almost as iconic as the yellow dress is Belle's blue ensemble or "Little Town" look. I love how this costume in the movie went through multiple changes with different additions, but still remained true to the simple blue frock. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute says blue is the color of heroines and I think she is right! This look adds a sophisticated touch with the strength of our heroine's workaday ensemble. The fascinator uses delicate floral organza, but also the bakers twine we see lacing Belle's stays in the film. And you can't have our heroine without a book, hence the amazing novelty handbag that could blend right in on the Beast's library shelves!

belle blue dress dapper day inspiration

Our last Beauty And The Beast look isn't necessarily Dapper Day inspired, but is more casual and cute for every day wear. The FascinEar goes perfectly with the floral denim dress and I couldn't resist including this great book-shaped bag from Target! It is sold out in most stores, but here's a tip if you are on the look out for one. Check online for your local stores to see if they have any in stock. If they do, you can pay for it online and pick it up in-store. It definitely beats driving all over town!


If you're attending Spring Dapper Day in Hat and Mouse or creating your own Beauty And The Beast looks with hats from our new collection be sure to tag #hatandmouse on your social media. I love seeing your style!

Cheers and Happy Hatting!

Lisa Marie





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Sylvia Loves Pink
Sylvia Loves Pink

April 11, 2017

Love all of these looks so much, that I can’t pick a favorite!


March 21, 2017

Omg… In love with Belle’s “little town” dapper look! And the Be Our Guest outfit! So cute and classy!

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